Throughout the TRIGGER Project, we are producing a collection of audiovisual resources, including partner and stakeholder interviews, coverage of project meetings, and teaser content. These materials feature the diverse group of experts committed to achieving the project’s ambitious goals and provide an in-depth look into their pivotal roles and activities being carried out.

Visit the project’s YouTube Channel to find out all the audiovisual resources.

TRIGGER Second General Assembly in Crete

Game workshop during the TRIGGER 2nd General Assembly

Interview with Prof. Silvana Di Sabatino. What impact can we anticipate after TRIGGER is completed?

Interview with Ulrike Falk. What is the primary goal and objective of your work package?

Interview with Nachatter Singh. Why is important to have policy activities in the TRIGGER project?

Interview with Prof. Dr. Elke Hertig. Can you tell us about the Augsburg CHC Lab and its impact?