The Climate-Health Cluster Publishes a Policy Brief: “The Importance of Protecting Human Health in EU Climate Policies”
The European Climate-Health Cluster has released a policy brief titled “The Importance of Protecting Human Health in EU Climate Policies,” now accessible here. This document addresses the importance of integrating human health considerations into EU climate policies and calls for engagement from legislators and EU policymakers to co-create evidence-based policies that effectively safeguard public health in the face of climate challenges.

The cluster unites six European research and innovation projects, TRIGGER being one, to amplify the impact of EU-funded research projects linking climate and health. One of the key commitments of this collaborative effort is to combine the knowledge and tools generated by the different projects for integrating human health into climate policies and programs.

In this case, the Policy Brief provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation emphasizing the urgent need for action as well as a series of recommendations addressed at legislators and EU policymakers.

In the coming years, the European Climate-Health Cluster and its projects will continue to develop evidence-based tools and policy recommendations. These efforts will support policymakers in making informed decisions to improve both human health and the health of the planet.

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