The European Climate-Health Cluster: A Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

To address climate change-induced health risks and enhance preparedness and adaptation strategies, the European Climate-Health Cluster emerges as a cooperation and knowledge-sharing aggregation. Trigger is part of this unique initiative.

This strategic collaboration, which brings together six European research and innovation projects, aims to amplify the impact of EU-funded research connecting climate and health by informing policy for the benefit of society as a whole.

The six research and innovation projects are:

BlueAdapt: addressing climate-based health risks of pathogens in coastal waters.
CATALYSE: bridging the gap between knowledge and action by providing new insights to accelerate climate change action and safeguard Europe´s public health.
CLIMOS: Mitigating the climate change-induced emergence, transmission, and spread of vector-borne and zoonotic pathogens.
HIGH: aiming to mitigate the impact of heat exposure on vulnerable populations.
•IDAlert: tackling transmission of zoonotic pathogens by evaluating adaptation and mitigation strategies.
TRIGGER: deepening our understanding of the intricate connections between climate, human health, and ecosystems.

The Climate-Health Cluster is working to provide scientific evidence and policy-related advice that can contribute to a more resilient Europe and potentially beyond its borders. For this purpose, It aims to engage with numerous stakeholders. Including researchers, climate and environmental professionals, policymakers, policy experts, funding agencies, NGOs, healthcare providers, patient organizations, the healthcare industry, civil society, and citizens.

While competition for public funding remains a reality in the scientific research environment, the Climate-Health Cluster underscores the potential for mutual learning and synergy. By maximizing the impact of projects through collaborative communication efforts, the cluster demonstrates that shared objectives and knowledge are powerful tools for addressing complex shared challenges and building a sustainable and resilient future for all.

To learn more, visit The European Climate- Health Cluster website and explore all the projects that share the same beliefs and core values as Trigger. Please share and help us in our goal to create a more resilient and informed society  towards climate change

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