The TRIGGER Project at the EGU

Exciting news for the TRIGGER Project! We presented our project at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU).

Our colleague Claudia Di Napoli (Biometeorologist Scientist) convened the Presenting Interactive Content (PICO) session on “Climate, Extremes, and Health: Mapping Risks and Quantifying Impacts on Population Health,” with over 30 presenters covering topics from extreme heat to pollution and infectious diseases.

She also presented a poster in the session “Reducing the Impacts of Natural Hazards through Forecast-based Action: New Insights from People-centered, Impact-based Warning Systems,” about the TRIGGER weather-driven early warning system for human health. These posters were meant to facilitate access to project-related information visually.

The poster presentation drew significant interest and highlighted TRIGGER’s interdisciplinary and innovative approach to tackling climate health-induced issues due to citizens’ exposure to extreme climate events.

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